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Team Name: Puca Productions

Liam Gilbey


Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE

Marketing blurb

Creativity is your weapon. Enter a colourful online world where the rules of the game are defined by you. Steer your destiny to greatness for the Randomals fate. Be the hero.  


The game is simple - collect treasure and battle all the bosses in the open world to win. Seems simple enough right? Well, the way in which the game is played puts a fun and unique twist on a normally standard genre. 

Randomals is a Multiplayer, platforming, adventure RPG - but that’s quite the mouthful! Randomals runs on the idea of creativity which fuels the direction of the game. Users make their own playable creatures known as 'Randomals', which can range from just a blob-like creature to eccentric multi-limbed monsters. They use their creatures to explore the world and battle it's bosses to victory. Allowing users to create their own playable Randomals allows the game to be played from multiple angles and difficulties. 


The game features a small group of Randomal NPCs that all serve specific purposes other players cannot provide such as giving objectives and guiding you through the open world.

Puca is the god of the Randomals world who is responsible for creating them out of 'life-jelly' in order to fill the world with vibrant life. After Makarth invades the world Puca tasks his creations to rescue his lost treasures and defeat the various bosses across the land.

Makarth is the dark God of Randoma who is set free, bringing an army of dark soldiers to invade the land. He is the primary antagonist and final boss of the game. The bulk of the characters are all online players like you. 

Unique selling points

Customisation: The ability to create a character to your liking is a concept that has indeed been adopted by a few video games, but the ability to control your own adventure with a 100% flexibility is the most unique factor of the game that makes it great for all types of people as the game adapts to your liking.

Online: the online features also puts this on a social scale unlike any other game of it's kind, with all the MMO elements people love. The creative side really brings the fans and the game closer together, and keeps the game ever-expanding. 

Art: the retro art style is another USP, which is the way to really respect the classics of the genre. I would hope the platforming element can remind the world of how great the 3-D platformer was. 

Exploration: Natural progression, exploration and discovery is a mechanic often overlooked in gaming. Exploring and collecting treasure allows near-endless replay ability.



“The concept of game-difficulty being quantified by the number of limbs was great”

“The marketing blurb is great. These are good, detailed ideas displaying excellent creativity and originality”


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