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Team Name: INKling

Caitlin Wilkie, Anna Ward and Jenny Yule


Playstation 4, PS Vita (not 3DS), PC (Steam)  

Marketing blurb

In a collapsing fairytale world, join the heroine Kitana as she fights to keep the stories she loves alive.


The Player plays as Kitana, and has to move through the world using her different abilities and weapons to defeat origami monsters/the ink monster, unlock new areas, and save various characters. When the player defeats a monster, they are rewarded with 'Ink Pots', which can be used to upgrade weaponry/abilities in the options/start menu.There are also chapter-dependant items, which can be collected. There is an ink/health bar, which fills with ink every time the sword strikes an enemy. When the ink level reaches the dotted line, the bar flashes, and 'writer's block' mode can be used - destroying any enemies close to Kitana, but decreasing the ink level to half-way. Every time Kitana is hit by an enemy, the ink level goes down. If the ink level reaches zero, it is game over, and the player starts again from the last autosave.


"Kitana Parker" - The main character, and controlled by the player; she is a stable-girl and wants to save the prince in her fairytale, from the 'ink monster'. She also has to save other protagonists from their own fairytales. Very sarcastic, and strong-willed.

"The Prince" - Kidnapped by the 'ink monster' at the beginning.

"Ink Monster" - made of ink, and can therefore morph into any form.

"White Rabbit" - appears occasionally to teach player about new controls etc., and to transport Kitana into the 'real world' in order to reveal important parts of the plot.

"Red" - Red Riding Hood attacks Kitana when she falls into the 'Red Riding Hood' chapter - as she does not know her. Fiesty, older version of the red riding hood in the original fairytale. Plus many minor characters (one saved in each chapter, e.g. "Alice") and 'extras' from various tales appear throughout.  

Unique selling points

Strong female protagonist saving the prince. (Play on 'Mario' damsel in distress idea.) A cross between books and video games. Different books (worlds) have different abilities and 'powers'. The idea that censorship causes the fairytales to crumble/fall apart presents a different storyline to other games.  



“In terms of world building, this is brilliant; it feels like a late era PS2 game”

“I want to take the leap of faith with this!”


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