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Team Name: Lodestar Entertainment

Adam Kavanagh



Marketing blurb

The game where you play a light bulb. Yes, a light bulb. 


This game is a puzzle-platform game, in which you control a sentient light bulb. A typical level is basically about using different abilities to complete the puzzle elements and the platform elements. As well as this, you have Circuit Mode, which allows you to make a circuit to link two things together. For example, you can link a switch and a light bulb together. There are lots of objects in the environment to interact with (such as swings, wires and gears) to complete the levels and it includes clues to solving puzzles (such as patterns and colours).


The main character is a sentient light bulb that doesn't have a name. He is the only light bulb that didn't run out in the basement and over time, he eventually gained sentience. 

Other characters include Crest, a microwave and Tribute, a toaster. Each temporary companion has abilities to overcome obstacles. 

Trellis is a supercomputer that you meet at the Tech Expo. He tells you where to go to find the teleporter. 

The Peoples are humans that can easily get suspicious and can look for you. They are the main enemies of the game and if they spot you, the level begins again.  

Unique selling points

This game is unique because it allows you to exit wherever you want. It you don't want to do that particular level, you can exit, but you may go into either a good room or a bad room. A good room can unlock a level or a secret character. A bad room could have a hard puzzle which would have to be solved if you want to leave. 

A second unique aspect is that there is also a constant stealth element. Every action you make could raise the Dubio-meter, a meter on the side of the screen that monitors how cautious you are. For example, a large bang could raise the meter, and if it reaches the top, the Peoples can begin looking around the level and they can make the game a lot harder. Their paths are also unpredictable. 
There is also a Gauge that depletes after interacting with an electrical item. If it becomes empty, the level starts again. You can fill it up via the mains plug. However, the mains plug is often near the Peoples. 



“Mature beyond its years”

“Really impressive! It feels genuine and honest. Unlike some games, it’s not pretending to be too bleak. This could be a real thing and could be legitimately developed”


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