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Team Name: Hurricane Games

Adam Oliver


Gamemaker, Pixelmator, Garage Band, iMovie, Free SFX  

Game Description

AlienX is a unique drag and drop game in which the player must prevent a horde of aliens from reaching the teleporter at the end of the level by using an array of weapons (in the inventory at the top of the screen). The player can use bombs, drills, water shooters and more to stop 4 different types of aliens and 5 mighty bosses! Beat all 20 levels (5 levels in each of the 4 solar systems) and then take on the final challenge, at the centre of the galaxy, the great AlienX!



AlienX was made in Game Maker, over the course of several months. The original design was created in 2010, when I was just 10 years old, for BAFTA Young Game Designers. The design reached the top ten. Once I was able to program effectively, I began to create AlienX. The main challenge of the game was the initial programming and getting all aliens and weapons to work properly. The graphics were originally made in the Game Maker graphics editor, however more was needed, so I replaced a lot of them with graphics created in Pixelmator, which is an excellent program. 

Sound effects and music came next. I developed two tracks on Garage Band, one predominantly for the menu and level selection in the galaxy and the other for levels. Level development took a long time, with new weapons and aliens for each solar system. Boss levels at the end of each solar system were also quite tricky to create, but they are a much-needed part of the game. Finally, I made the final boss, where you must defeat AlienX with a puzzle unlike any of the other levels! I also prepared the trailer video for the game, and my website -  

Future Developments

AlienX could be vastly improved with more time, effort and skill. I could improve the programming, graphics, sound and more and also add more levels, aliens and weapons. However, a professional group could also improve it beyond my abilities.

It relies entirely on drag and drop and button pressing with the left mouse button, so it is clear that this can become a touchscreen-based game as well, and it was developed with this in mind. This is something I've always aimed to do, however it may be beyond my reach.  


'I thought it was the best of the bunch.’

‘This game is clearly from a reasonably experienced designer.’

‘There’s tons of content in this game, and the core problems it set were interesting.’


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